Indiana Medicaid Recipients

As of 12/1/2018 Indiana has start covering Suboxone treatment for Medicaid recipients

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Recovery Is Within Reach

Ditch Opiates before its to late, with the help of Medication Assisted Treatment

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Whether you're trying to stop using opioids for the first time or you're ready to try again...

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Why Treat
Opioid Dependence

Medication-assisted treatment may reduce subjective opioid cravings.


Prescription medicine has a proven track record in helping patients stay clean.


Our physician will discuss the treatment protocol and long term goals in depth.

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Addiction Clinic Louisville Ky - Medical Resource Center: Barefoot Jules J MD

Substance Use & Withdrawal Solutions

Medical Resource Center: Barefoot Jules J MD & Associates - Our Outpatient Withdrawal Program has been designed to help addicts struggling from Opioid Addiction including illegal and prescription medications. The patient’s treatment and recovery process begins with a face to face Screening and may continue with a formal Intake, Kasper Report and Drug Screen. New patients are evaluated to determine if the patient may be an appropriate candidate for our Opiate Withdrawal or Opiate Maintenance Program. Patient generally enter into a Bi-Weekly Maintenance Treatment Program from 4 to 12-weeks. The actual length and format for each patient’s treatment program is a collaborative decision made between the patient and the Certified Physician.

Below is a list of areas covered by our treatment.

1) The effects Opioid addiction can have in the workplace
2) How Opioid addiction effects your family relationships
3) Effects Opioids have on Mental Health
4) Understanding of the role of the medication in your recovery
5) Understanding of the role and importance of social, relational, leisure, recreation, hobbies in recovery
6) Understanding of the role of maintaining continuous sobriety
7) Understanding of the role of responsibility in recovery
8) Understanding of the role of motivation in recovery
9) Understanding of the role of outpatient counseling in recovery
10) Understanding of the role of followup evaluation in recovery

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


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Before taking medication, tell your doctor if you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant. If you are pregnant or become pregnant while taking medication, alert your doctor immediately and you should report it to the FDA. Visit or call 1-800-FDA-1088.